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Sena Parani A10 Boom Motorcycle Intercom A10-P01 - 861562

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Sena A10 Boom Motorcycle Intercom 861562

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SENA SMH-5 Single Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset with Universal Micro...

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Sena 5S-10D Dual Motorcycle Bt Communication System 861557D

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Using a Bluetooth headset in UAE is the greatest option for enjoying music while riding a motorcycle. This enables you to enjoy your music hands-free while riding. The majority of motorcycle helmets in Dubai and Abu Dhabi can be readily attached to a Bluetooth headset which has a flexible microphone that can be placed in any position you desire. You don't have to worry about inserting anything in your ears because the headphones can be attached to the helmet.

With a connection distance of approximately half a mile, this helmet Bluetooth headset and helmet intercom can link to other Bluetooth devices, such as your phone and the device of another rider companion.

The helmet Bluetooth headset from Alkhubaizi Dubai is convenient to use and offers safer and more entertaining riding. With this headset, you may talk on the phone or listen to music while riding your bike without having to worry about safety while riding.

One of the most often used technologies for keeping riders in touch with one another is Bluetooth intercoms. Whether it is to maintain communication with a fellow rider, pay attention to GPS directions or listen to your favourite tracks, these helmet attachments are loaded with innovative features that help the rider in achieving all the intended requirements. You can achieve a rider-to-device, rider-to-passenger, or rider-to-rider connection with your helmet intercoms in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Alkhubaizi has a broad collection of high-standard Helmet Bluetooth Headsets and Helmet Intercoms in the UAE, out of which the riders have the prospect to select the best device that suits their needs, desires and budget. If you intend to connect with others like fellow riders with your helmet intercoms, your microphone should be worth every penny; this is what we offer at Alkhubaizi UAE.